February 2019 New arrivals by ThreeSixty Clothing

Posted on February 04 2019

February 2019 New arrivals by ThreeSixty Clothing

Well, I thought I’d check in, yes i know it’s been a while. I do hope everyone had a wonderful Xmas and New year?

I’m glad that dead January is finally over and we can get on with 2019 in style. Why does January seem to last so long it’s so sole destroying. Anyway enough about me. I think you all need some cheering up and what’s better than some retail therapy. 

Well, let’s get started and give you all a heads up for all Customers New & Old. Firstly, it’s the brand we all know and love Michael Kors Why not take a look, just in time for Valentine’s Day. If your still single, then why not treat yourself anyway. Tell your friends its from a secret admirer 🤫. We have Tote Bags, Shoulder bags, Messenger bags, but my personal favourite is the MK travel bags, just perfect for that weekend getaway. We have literally got a bag in every style to fit every occasion.
We have some wonderful one-off Men’s Loafers. They are all Italian handmade master pieces made to perfection by Dolce & Gabbana. 
We are continuously re-stocking with all the popular Dolce & Gabbana lines. We totally underestimated some of our collections. Sorry to some of our customers that just missed out. We have Scarfs in every style and colour, from soft cashmere to keep you warm and toasty, and to my personal favourite “D&G Silk scarfs” which are on offer and competitively priced. That famous quote springs to mind “Silk does to the body what diamonds do the hand” I just can’t get enough of Silk, nor can my loyal customers, so hurry up and get one before I decide to keep them all 😂.
What about our collection of Billionaire Italian Couture bags (Part of the Famous Philipp Plein brand). The quality is truly amazing beautiful soft leather. Who doesn’t love the smell of real quality leather. You won’t be disappointed.
If your looking for something a bit different, go and take a look at our ♥️LOVE MOSCHINO” wallets, purses and handbags. My daughter has one and truly loves it.
Finally, I must reiterate I get a lot of messages asking if my items are genuine. Yes, of course they are genuine. I can honestly understand your concerns. Please be rest assured all my items are sourced from verified wholesalers only who deal direct with all the well known fashion houses in Italy, USA and Germany. Items come with tags, bar codes etc.. All my items can be verified. I’m sure you have noticed we have even taken the time to provide photographs of some of the barcodes. Please buy with confidence, and if you decide my inventory isn’t to your taste then be very vigilant, because the world is literally full of counterfeit goods and people are willing to take your hard earned cash with no care in the world about you and what they are trying to sell you. 
If your interested in any of the above, click on the text highlighted in red. 
Please feel free to ask me and the team any questions you may have. 
Thanks again from all at Threesixty. 

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  • Gabrielle : February 12, 2019

    Got my MK bag it’s lush. Please can you let know when you get that D&G Clutch Bag back in stock?
    I look forward to my discount code. 🌟

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