Founded in 1927 by Aldo Furlanetto (hence the name Furla) in Bologna, this Italian brand was born with the Italian quality roots and great character.

Initially, Furlanetto began her career as a wholesale distributor of women’s fashion and not until the 70s, when her children joined the business to grow the brand.

It was then that the first Furla handbag collection and its network of expansion and sales began towards France and the United States. The brand is now becoming popular throughout Europe. 

The manual realization, the craftsmanship, and the sense of beauty are some of the key values that define an authentic and innovative signature, synonymous with the Italian style with good taste.

Most handbags tend to be of a single colour (except for a specific collection, where the bag becomes a canvas rather), however, with a wide range of colours: nude, dark tones, the “typical bag small black”, bright colors, metallic and, of course, matt and more neutral tones. In short, there is a Furla bag for everyone, practical, simple, and with presence.

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